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The St Mary’s School Ascot Charitable Fund provides bursaries and scholarships to help Catholic girls of talent and promise access a St Mary’s education, regardless of their financial circumstances. 

The Charitable Fund

The Charitable Fund provides means-tested assistance to over thirty families. Many of these bursaries cover 90% or more of the fees.

We are seeking to grow the Fund substantially in 2024-2025 in order to meet the increasing demand from families who wish to provide an outstanding St Mary’s education for their daughters.

By supporting the Charitable Fund, you will be giving Catholic girls the opportunity of a brighter future, the chance to explore their passions, develop their talents and become the leaders, innovators and change-makers of tomorrow.

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What do previous beneficiaries of a St Mary's bursary have to say?

“A St Mary’s bursary offers a fantastic springboard for a determined applicant to experience first rate education and personal growth in an environment where they are encouraged to question, develop and acquire life skills, and which gives them the best start in young adulthood. It is the combination of the Catholic ethos, the pastoral and community atmosphere, and the excellent education and rigour that together help shape the pupils into strong independent young women.”

“I will forever be an advocate for the extremely generous financial support that I received from St Mary’s. Not only did it allow me to attend SMAS as a boarder and receive an incredible education and supportive pastoral care, but the bursaries allowed me to experience opportunities beyond the bounds of the classroom.

The facilitating nature of bursaries cannot be understated. I am so grateful for every opportunity I was given to participate in school life and will continue to pursue the interests that SMAS cultivated for me through their financial support.”

“It’s an amazing use of a charitable donation, to open a door for a committed bursary applicant to grow and develop in a safe environment. It goes further than just helping an individual; it enriches the diversity and inclusion within the mix of pupils, allowing the whole school community to learn and grow as a result of this.” 

“If I had to pick one thing in particular that St Mary’s gave me, it would be the confidence to always strive to be the best version of myself, and to stand by my values.”

“We want the exceptional gift of a St Mary’s education to be widely available to future generations of Catholic girls, and we invite you to become a part of that legacy.”

Mrs Danuta Staunton


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