Psychology is available as an A Level option, and follows the AQA syllabus.

The course offers pupils an introduction to a wide range of topics within psychology, including attachment, memory, social influence, psychopathology and biopsychology. These topics form the basis of understanding key ideas and theories, along with critical evaluation skills, which are further developed during the topics on schizophrenia, cognition and development, and forensic psychology.

Pupils also learn about how psychological research is conducted, and conduct some of their own. They investigate key issues and debates in the subject, such as whether human behaviour is due to nature or nurture, as well as learning about the history of psychology. 

Beyond The Classroom

Sixth Form girls are encouraged to keep up-to-date with current psychological research and to use this information in their studies. There is a Psychology Society, running regular sessions on topics outside of the specification, including film evenings and book discussions. Girls interested in studying Psychology at university are provided with opportunities to learn more about the courses and topics available, researching areas that they are particularly interested in and discussing their ideas.

External speakers deliver lectures and workshops on areas such as Freud and the latest neuroscience research. Our annual Brain Day conference with local schools is always very popular. There is also the opportunity to learn about the history of mental health and schizophrenia treatment at Bethlem Museum of the Mind, and attend conferences in London on criminology and the science of psychology.

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