Geography is taught to all girls in Years 7, 8 and 9. It is then an option at both GCSE and A Level.

In Years 7 to 9, the girls explore topics such as the Middle East, glaciation, and oceans. We make use of our beautiful grounds to complete fieldwork during lessons, exploring microclimates and parks. The girls also go on an annual field trip.

GCSE & A-Level

At GCSE, pupils follow the Edexcel A course, which covers both physical and human geography. Physical geography includes the study of coastal and river landscapes, weather hazards and climate change, and biodiversity and management. The course also involves a field trip to Juniper Hall where the girls complete a rivers study as part of their Investigations unit. Human geography looks at topics such as cities, global development, and resource management, and involves a field trip to Bristol that leads to an investigation into inequality in the city.

At A Level, pupils follow the Edexcel course. A variety of topics are studied, including tectonic processes and hazards, coastal landscapes, the water cycle, the carbon cycle and energy security. This leads on to the study of globalisation, superpowers, global development, migration, identity and sovereignty. The course also involves two weekend residential field trips, where the girls complete an independent study of either a human or physical topic of their choice.

Beyond The Classroom

Trips and fieldwork are an essential part of the study of Geography. Year 7 go on a trip to Rushall Farm. Year 8 visit Windsor to investigate the impact of tourism. Year 9 go to the south Dorset coast to study the physical processes which shape the landscape. As part of their A Level course, pupils must undertake an independent investigation. They design their own methodologies and collect data on a human or physical topic and location of their choice. This work constitutes their non-examined assessment.

Sixth Form girls attend the Institute of Education geography lectures at UCL, and the geographical society GeogSquad offers girls from all years the opportunity to take part in competitions, such as WorldWise Quizzes and the national Young Geographer of the Year competition.

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