Economics is taught at A Level, and follows the AQA course.

The course covers both micro and macroeconomics, including supply and demand analysis, markets, AD/AS analysis, and how government policy seeks to achieve economic objectives. Pupils then go on to look at economic theory in greater depth. In microeconomics, this includes labour markets, the distribution of income and wealth, the environment and market failure. In macroeconomics, pupils learn about national economy, and then cover international topics such as globalisation, trade theory, exchange rates, and the UK’s global economic links.


Politics is taught at A Level, and follows the AQA course. The course covers both UK and US politics, and explores comparisons between the two systems. The pupils look at how political systems and parliaments work, the role of the judiciary, and how participation in democracy happens through elections, referendums and pressure groups. The course also covers the main political ideas, including liberalism, conservatism and socialism.

Beyond The Classroom

Sixth Form pupils stay closely in touch with current news and events. There is an Economics and Politics Society, which is open to girls in Years 11 and above, and meets regularly to discuss issues in the news. Sixth Form pupils have a trip to London, visiting Parliament and attending economics lectures. They organise weekly enterprise activities for younger pupils through their leadership of the Enterprise Club. They organise whole school participation in the National Youth Parliament’s annual ‘Make Your Mark’ initiative. St Mary’s pupils also take part in Model United Nations. They attend several conferences each year, representing a different nation state each time.

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