The Board of Governors

The Board of Governors are the trustees of the charity (290286) and the directors of the company (01844327).  The Board of Governors is legally responsible for the overall management and control of the school.  Much of the work of the Board is carried out by seven sub-committees:

  • Finance and General Purposes Committee
  • Salaries Committee
  • Nominations Committee
  • Education Committee
  • Bursary Committee
  • Development Committee
  • Disciplinary Committee

Any individual who wishes to express an interest in joining the Board should write to:

The Chair of the Nominations Committee,
c/o The Clerk to the Governors,
St Mary’s School Ascot,
St Mary’s Road,

All governors are unpaid volunteers.

Gender pay gap report 2021

As required by the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information Regulations 2017) the gender pay gap at St Mary’s has been calculated in order to show the difference between the average earnings of men and women across the school. The calculations were based on the workforce on 5th April 2021.

The school uses salary scales for teaching staff and hourly rates of pay for domestic and catering staff, thus ensuring equal pay for men and women. The gender pay gap is a result of the roles that men and women are employed in and the salaries these roles attract.

The workforce at the school consists of 74.8% women and 25.2% men. The mean gender pay gap is 7.7% and the median pay gap is 7.6%. 

The percentage of males and females in the different earnings quartiles are as follows:




Upper Quartile



Upper Middle Quartile



Lower Middle Quartile



Lower Quartile



St Mary’s School Ascot is committed to equal opportunities irrespective of gender, and training and promotion opportunities are open to all.

School policies







Other policies including those listed below are available by email or printed copy on request from the Registrar:

Mission Statement, Aims and History

Admissions Policy

Anti-Bullying Policy

Behaviour Policy

Complaints Policy

Curriculum Policy

English as an Additional Language Policy

First Aid Policy

Health and Safety Policy

Health and Safety on School Trips Policy

Health and Safety Statement

Rewards, School Rules, Discipline and Sanctions Policy

Special Educational Needs Policy

The number of complaints registered in the previous year is available on request to the Headmistress.

Staff list

The Lord Hemphill (Chairman)
Mr Mark Armour
Mr Nicholas Davidson
Mr Peter Davis
Baroness Hogg of Kettlethorpe
The Hon Mrs Olga Polizzi
The Hon Martin Hunt (Chairman)
Mrs Annoushka Ayton
Mr Christopher Beirne
Mrs Alice Clementi
Mr Martin Hattrell
Mr Edward Horswell
Mrs Annie Lee
Mr Peter McKenna
Ms Susannah Meadway
Mr Gordon Moore
The Rev Dr Dermot Power
Sr Michaela Robinson CJ
Miss Clementine Vaughan
Ms Louise Wilson
Mrs Danuta Staunton (Headmistress)
Mrs Cathy Ellott (Senior Deputy Head)
Mrs Jo Devine (Pastoral Deputy Head)
Mrs Barbara Breedon (Academic Deputy Head)
Mr Andrew Smith (Director of Co-curricular)
Mr Christopher Ellott (Director of External Communications)
Dr Daniel Coughlan (Director of Sixth Form)
Mr Giles Brand (Bursar and Clerk to the Governors)
Mrs Sandra Young (Registrar)
Mrs Phyllida Dewes (Development Director)
Mrs Kate Jenkinson (Mary Ward)
Mrs Helena West (Babthorpe)
Mr Tom Parsons and Mrs Katie Parsons (Bedingfeld)
Ms Roisin Toner (Poyntz)
Mrs Helen Jansen (Rookwood)
Mrs Valerie Hutchinson and Mr Nigel Hutchinson (Wigmore)

Public benefit

St Mary’s School Ascot has a long history of providing financial support to children who would otherwise not be able to afford a St Mary’s education, and we place great importance on the school’s means-tested bursary scheme. This scheme is funded by the school and the St Mary’s School Charitable Fund (Charity number 800450), which was established for the purpose of providing funds for the St Mary’s School Ascot bursary programme. The scheme operates two types of means-tested bursary: admissions and hardship. Each case is assessed on its own merits and awards are made accordingly, subject to the school’s ability to fund these within the context of its overall budget. This year the value of means-tested bursary awards totalled £494,866. This provided assistance to 28 pupils, of whom eleven benefited from in excess of 70% remission of fees, and eight of these benefited from 90% or more remission of fees. Information about fee assistance through means-tested bursaries is provided to all applying to the school and is published on our website.

The school undertakes work and activities for the public benefit throughout the year with children from local schools and with the local community, and these are fundamental to the Catholic ethos and spirit of the school, and in line with its charitable objectives.  They are core activities for staff and pupils alike, who welcome them as part of our day-to-day life. The significant investment in time, energy and resources into our work with local state schools reflects our belief that these activities are the most effective way of broadening and widening access to St Mary’s resources to the public, including those in poverty. 

This year we have continued to develop our close relationship with two local state schools with whom we have formal Memoranda of Understanding – Charters School and St Francis Catholic Primary School. St Mary’s engagement with these schools is a matter of normal day-to-day school life and involves both the sharing of resources and the dual use of teaching staff. The examples below illustrate the depth and breadth of our relationship with these schools and our commitment to the charity IntoUniversity:

Charters School - Latin GCSE. This year St Mary’s has again provided a teacher to Charters School to take a GCSE Latin class, taking responsibility for one of the three GCSE Latin modules for gifted Year 11s (the Latin Language paper). Without St Mary’s support, eleven pupils from Charters School would not have been able to take Latin GCSE this year. The results were impressive, with five grade 9s, three grade 8s, one grade 7 and two grade 5s - all impressive passes. In addition to the teaching, St Mary’s also provides the textbooks, paper, handouts and worksheets as well as support with resources and teacher notes for the Charters Latin teachers.

Sharing of sports facilities. Throughout the year St Mary’s is delighted to share its facilities with our near neighbours St Francis Primary School, including the routine use of our swimming pool (plus four staff) for Years 3 to 5, and the use of our athletics facilities for their annual sports day. Throughout the hockey season we host tournaments for Berkshire maintained schools at U12, U13, U14 and U15 age groups. In addition, the school provides sports staff to act as lead organisers for the District and County athletics for all schools in the Bracknell district and Berkshire, which involves over 20 schools

IntoUniversity. St Mary’s has hosted up to 24 pupils and four staff from IntoUniversity (charity number 1118525) for a two-night residential stay, thereby facilitating primary school children from deprived areas of west London to gain an understanding and taste of university life. The school made no charge for this facility and indeed made available minibuses and drivers for their visit to the University of Surrey.

Other examples of activities carried out this year for the public benefit include:

  • Support to Oxbridge and medical applications, including interview practice, for pupils from Charters School and Mulberry Girls' School, Tower Hamlets. 
  • Funding for 8 Charters School pupils to take part in a UCAT online training day for aspiring medical students.
  • Russian Club and Mandarin Taster lessons for Charters School pupils hosted and provided by St Mary’s.
  • Provision of a safe and exciting venue for the St Francis Forest School on a weekly basis. 

Council planning conditions restrict the use by others of the Orchard Centre (sports centre) and our athletics and hockey facilities. 

Details of our arrangements with Charters School and St Francis Catholic Primary School can be found on the Schools Together website:



New boarding accommodation for the Upper Sixth

The new Upper Sixth boarding accommodation officially opened on Saturday 30th June 2018. The completion of this ambitious 18-month project heralded an exciting new phase in the boarding life of the school, increasing the space and facilities for all the girls without increasing the school's numbers.

The new Upper Sixth accommodation, formally named the Mary Breen Courtyard in 2019 in honour of the Headmistress whose vision it represents, comprises 64 en-suite bedrooms spread across five houses gathered around an attractive central courtyard. Each house has a large kitchen and dining area, and there are also three new residential staff houses.

In addition, there is a light and spacious pastoral centre containing an amphitheatre-style lecture hall, a multi-use space for modern dance, yoga and entertaining, a reading room, a kitchen, and a series of rooms for meditation, prayer and reading, with clear views across the field and open spaces beyond. The pastoral centre is designed to create a peaceful, calm atmosphere which will be welcoming and inviting for the Upper Sixth pupils. 

Our architect for this project, Angus Neil, has worked with us on many projects before, including the Orchard Centre, the Rose Theatre, the refectory and the senior library.

Importantly, the opening of the Mary Breen Courtyard has not lead to an expansion in the number of pupils in the school. It has merely given us more space. We believe that the school is already the perfect size, allowing every girl to be known and valued by all, while maintaining a Sixth Form strong enough to attract and retain the very best teachers, and offer a full range of academic subjects at A Level. That means holding to the current system, with forty boarders arriving in Year 7, joined by a further twenty in Year 9, our aim being that they all stay on for the Sixth Form. 390 pupils is also the maximum number that can fit into Chapel – a very important consideration for a community which meets every morning for prayer.

The Mary Ward Courtyard, which formerly housed the Upper Sixth, has now become the Lower Sixth Wing, and Year 11 have moved into single rooms in the wing of the school formerly occupied by the Lower Sixth. In this way, the new boarding complex has benefited not only the Upper Sixth, but the whole of the school, by freeing up space in what had become a rather cramped main building.

Thus we remain faithful to the essence of what has always made St Mary's such a special community and school, and ensure that we can remain unique and special for generations to come.

Job opportunities

Please click below for information about job opportunities at St Mary's.

Application and Recruitment Process Explanatory Note

Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form

Privacy Notice for Job Applicants

Any individual who wishes to express an interest in joining the Board of Governors, please click here for further information.



Part-time Teacher of English - closing date 25 January 2022

Teacher of English job description

Teacher of English application form 

Teacher of Economics and Politics - closing date 26 January 2022

Teacher of Economics and Politics job description

Teacher of Economics and Politics application form

Night Porter - closing date 27 January 2022

Night Porter job description

Night Porter application form

Finance Manager - closing date 28 January 2022

Application form Finance Manager

Job description Finance Manager

Deputy Director of Sixth Form - closing date 31 January 2022

Deputy Director of Sixth Form job description

Deputy Director of Sixth Form application form

Graduate Assistants - closing date 10 February 2022

Graduate Assistant job description

Graduate Assistant application form

Sport Graduate Assistant - closing date 10 February 2022

Sport Graduate Assistant job description

Sport Graduate Assistant application form 

French Assistant - closing date 10 February 2022

French Assistant job description

French Assistant application form

Please contact Nic MacRobbie for more details and an application form

Please email for word versions of application forms and job descriptions.

For further information, please contact Mrs Nic MacRobbie at:

01344 296710


Ascot Alumnae Association

Welcome to the AAA section of the St Mary’s School Ascot website. By the time girls leave St Mary's, they have made some of the most important friendships of their lives, and the Association helps them to preserve, extend and deepen those friendships. It is a thriving network comprising nearly 3000 alumnae based in the UK and in 50 countries worldwide. All our Upper Sixth pupils are invited to join the Association, which then helps them to stay in touch with each other, both professionally and socially, after they have left the school.

In the summer of 2018 we launched AAA Connect, our new online platform for the AAA, which makes it much easier for members to stay in contact with us and each other, to keep abreast of news, to join networking groups, and to find out about reunions and other events. Members are also able to learn more about how to help current St Mary’s girls, for example by offering careers advice, mentoring or work experience. We would love to hear from any alumnae who are not yet members, and who would like to be part of our community.

If you are an Ascot alumna but have not yet registered on AAA Connect, you can do so here.

You can also update your details here.

The Association is run by the AAA Committee, which consists of the Chair, Deputy Chair, the school’s Alumnae Director Cathy Leneghan, and three other alumnae. The Headmistress also attends its three meetings a year as a representative of the school.

We would love to hear from any alumnae wanting to learn more about the Association and forthcoming events, to update their contact details, to give feedback, or to be put in touch with old friends or career contacts.

For more information about the Association, or AAAConnect, or for details about how to join, please contact the Alumnae Director, Cathy Leneghan, at or on 01344 296685.