History of Art


History of Art is available at A Level, and follows the Pre-U course.

Pupils learn about human history and the artistic expression of civilisations through the study of painting, sculpture and architecture. They look at Western and non-Western art, Rome, the High Renaissance, the Baroque, and Modern art, and also complete a 3000-word personal investigation on a topic of their choice. Object-based education is an essential element of the course, so Sixth Form art historians travel to exhibitions and museums regularly, as well as abroad to both Paris and Rome to study works in situ.

Beyond the classroom:

The Minerva Society organises trips and talks as an integral part of the A Level course, as well as to extend the pupils’ appreciation of art more broadly. Recent speakers have included Ross King, author of Brunelleschi's Dome, and Nick Ross, Director of Art History Abroad. The senior girls also run ArtSpark, a Junior History of Art Society for the younger girls in order to give them some experience of the subject prior to A Level.

As well as the two overseas residential trips to Paris and Rome, the Society takes regular trips to London museums and galleries. In 2018 we also enjoyed a private candle-lit tour of Sandham Chapel as part of our celebrations of the centenary of the end of the First World War.