Weekend Activities

Weekends at St Mary's

Weekends at St Mary’s are eagerly anticipated.   As a full boarding school there are always lots of girls around at school and there is a lot on offer for them to do. Equally there is also plenty of time for girls to relax in their bedrooms, common rooms or around the grounds. 

Events are posted on the weekend board on the Wednesday or Thursday before so that everyone knows exactly what is going on. For parents a timetable of activities is put up on the parent portal.
Weekends are organised by each of the Houses through the year taking on suggestions from pupils. Saturday mornings start with registration and chapel and then quiet study until about midday. Lunch is then followed by the organised activities. Often these follow a theme, for example, Bollywood, or they are focussed on a main event – a social on the Saturday, or screening a film in the Rose Theatre,  or Sports Day, or  the Charity Funfair or Bonfire Night.
Other popular attractions include whole school barbecues in the summer or at the start of the Michaelmas term, trips to Thorpe Park or Legoland, ice-skating, laser quest shooting competitions, climbing walls, discos and bingo. We've had a Sushi chef demonstrating how to make sushi, organic apple pressing with apples from the school orchard, making your own pizza and cooking it in the woods. We’ve had make up artists come in to paint horrific wounds and scars; we’ve had African drumming workshops, a ‘play money’ casino with roulette, poker and black jack tables and an Agatha Christie murder mystery team who came in to perform a short whodunnit while teams tried to work out the murderer’s identity. The Heads of House on duty for each weekend organise it all.
We also always provide cooking, art, music and sporting activities for younger years. The swimming pool will also be open for all, as are the numerous sports facilities in the Orchard Centre. Older girls may go out in groups – to Ascot, Windsor and Reading depending on their age.


Mass is on Sunday morning. Parents and family friends are welcome to join us and to stay for coffee afterwards or go out for lunch with their daughter. There are lots of activities organised for Sunday afternoons for those who stay in, which is the majority.