Chapel is at the heart of the school, and its doors are always open. It sits just off the central corridor in the main building, opposite the girls’ refectory, close to the House offices and the staircases that go up to the boarding areas. The school gathers in Chapel four mornings a week, and also for Mass on Sundays. We also hold Mass for the whole school at the start of term, and on other special occasions such as Saints Days and Remembrance Day, and House Masses offer further occasions for worship in a more informal setting. The remaining two mornings involve prayers and assembly in Houses and with tutor groups.  


St Mary's School AscotGroups of girls frequently lead the school in prayers and assemblies, speaking about issues that are in the news, or close to their hearts. Girls act as Eucharistic ministers at Mass, and alumnae often speak about this public role in communion as one of their most powerful memories. In addition, the Liturgy Captains organise Prayer and Worship evenings in the crypt for younger girls, which are followed by cookies and hot chocolate.